New Year…New Times….New

New times have arisen.  Who would have thought that 4 years ago I would be where I am in life.  I have since moved on to bigger and better.  In December of 2015 I finished up my 1st bachelor’s in Political Science and Public Administration.  Then the spring of 2016 I finished up the Managerial Finance.  Then I kind of took a month “off” to unwind.  In that month I had applied for a job, interviewed for it, then found out that he had hired someone with previous law experience.  It was as an assistant in law firm, so that made some sense to me.  Then in July I had started to actively look for a job.  I was ultimately given the options of Macy’s in Minneapolis, as an assistant to the assistant store director.  Well, since they are now closing that store I am kind of glad that I had decided not to take the position.

Then there was the position at the car rental agency in Minneapolis.  But wit those positions, I was ultimately leaning to Macy’s but then I was offered Sanford in Fargo also.  After thinking of the positions, and then measuring the cost of living and other financial aspects, I knew that I was going to end up in Fargo.  Glad that I did accept the position though, and although I miss Grand Forks terribly, I can visit on weekends.  The position in Sanford is no weekends, so that is a bonus for sure.  Evenings are RARE…and 1 day a week we go in at 5 AM (for now)…HAHA!

Well, I am off again.  I am not sure why I thought of this, but it is kind of fun to read what had thought about in the previous years.  (I mean Capstone paper was all sorts of fun, and had not thought of that in a while).  🙂




Finally see the end of the tunnel…the tunnel that leads to the bachelors degree!  🙂

I finished my capstone…and it ended with a 20 page paper. (YUP 20!)  COMPLETED it and got a B on it!  Yes!  I was a TINY bit worried, because it was coming down to the last few weeks, and things just started to go awry.

Grandma Martha passed away the day before our birthday.  And then the day after our birthdays I had to present my paper to the entire class.  (And that was the day before the visitation).  It was not a good plan but I did it just to get it over with.  (Bad mentality I realize now).

So, as I sit here, trying to put off doing Accounting I listen to the TV, and the dog.  He is mad since he wants out of his kennel, but it is also late, and thinking that it is almost time to pack again, since I only intended to come down here for a few days, and that was almost a week ago now,  LOL!  I had to go to Fargo today though, and I am thinking that I may head to Fergus tomorrow to see a few friends, then head back to Grand Forks in time to take an Accounting test, and interview for a job.

Take care!  Have a wonderful weekend, and remember what Memorial Day is all about.  ❤

Let’s see…what is there to tell…I am Joy and I am trying this on the advice of a fellow blogger friend of mine!  I am not shy.  I tell it how it is.  You will usually find me either at a game of some sort…either playing or as a spectator.

I live in North Dakota…Right on the border of North Dakota/South Dakota/Minnesota.  Right now it is COLD here!  Soon it will warm up though and I will be back to the outdoors again!  🙂

Well, that is about all for now!  Let’s see how this goes!  Thinking that it may be nice!



As I listen to…

The quietness of this January day, well, okay middle of the night, I am reminded of how much has changed over the last 2-3 years.  I am glad to say that the fateful day in January of 2013 was a GLORIOUS day for me because I had been feeling that I was “stuck”, and knew that I had to make changes to be better.  I did just that, and now I will soon be done with my bachelors degrees in Political Science, and Business Finance/Marketing.  I also have 2 jobs that I do, some days, enjoy going to!  Alright, 1 of them is only PRN, as needed and availability, but you know that is when I am back visiting and I can pick up the hours.  So, some weeks I do end up working 6 or 7 days that week, plus classes.  Additionally, I was offered a part-time Marketing position, work as my availability can stand, and also I work from home.  It is almost the best of both worlds some days.  🙂

I say all this because when I was “let go” there was already someone that they had promoted into my position, and it was someone who I was friends with.  I felt that I was stabbed in the back because of this fact that she “forgot” to mention to me that she knew in advance that I was going to lose my job to her.  Well, she wanted the job to obtain the Health Insurance only.  HAHA!  Little did she know that they were actually discontinuing their Health Plans in May and she was not eligible until April,  So, in essence she went through all of that work, and for what…1 month of insurance.  Then she eventually ended up being let go, also, when the company decided that maybe the situation was not as good as it should be, and they did a round of “housecleaning”.  Phone calls were made, and we laughed as we hung up on them.  The call came again, and they were pushed straight to voice mail.  Yes, I know it was a vindictive move I am sure, but remember that they called during the work days, when I was in classes.  And, no way would any of us EVER consider going back to work for that company again.

I should be asleep, since tomorrow is Sunday and I may leave town.  I took some vacation days to be used up and am in debate about going to Wahpeton for a few days, weather pending of course.  Also, who would have thought that I would write this much today, but hey I have not wrote a paper in 2 whole weeks!  Yes, I averaged around 1 paper ever 10 days this last semester, and topics varied depending on the class it was for, but kind of almost ready to start classes again on the 13th.

Love, laughter and Hearts!


Who would have thought?

I would like to say that who would have thought that last year at this time what would have happened did?  I know that I was blind-sided when I was let go from my job, but also relieved…finally I was out of that place.  The last of the 7 of us and I was proud of that but also relieved to be out of there.  Now, look where I have landed!  🙂

I sign my lease for my new place in Grand Forks soon, and then moving day and the start of classes all roll into about a 24 hour span.  Oh my!  It will be an exciting time, and then I have 1 year left just because of the Capstone that I have to do is only in Spring Semester so I am going to look but there is a possibility that while I do the Capstone I can start my Masters’ degree/Law Program also.  Yes, I am looking into completing them both, and thankfully UND does offer a program where you do your Law Degree and either MPA or MBA combined into a 3 year program.  Yes, that is what I would like to complete.  

Off now!  Thought that I would stop by.  I *should* maybe start packing up some things soon to take, and clean out my car!  (Laughs for like 15 minutes).  Seriously, I feel like I lived out of there these last 4 months and now I haven’t been in there as much.  I am almost done at St. Catherine’s now also…dropping to PRN for now.  We shall see how that goes.  🙂


*Changes of all sorts!*

Hello all!

So, what is new with the world today?  HA!  Ok, so around here changes of all sorts since my last post was the most fitting title.  🙂

Let’s see…where to begin…after my boss left then eventually all the management started to leave.  Leave it up to new upper corporate management to bring in a new era of…well for lack of a better word…sloppiness.

So, then after that I started working at the Nursing Home, and I do enjoy it.  The other people that work there are very cool and “interesting” to say the least.  LOL!  Most of them knew me already and I just had to learn who was who and of course NAMES!  But now for the biggest news…

*Drum roll here*  I decided to go back to school and finish.  YUP, I am now a Political Science and Business Administration Major at UND in Grand Forks.  This semester I have classes Tuesdays/Thursdays only, but next semester it is going to Monday-Friday.  I have about a year left now.  Excited.  No, have not decided what to do afterwards quite yet.  Debating Law School or Grad School, but here (should I decide to stay at UND) they do have a program where you can do your JD and either MBA or MPA in 3 years, so I may go that route.  Decisions decisions!  I am also throwing around a Communications minor as well.  Ok, so now I am off.  I have a class in Communications right now…yes I am blogging during class.  HEHE!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Put that out there!

Love and Laughter!


Uff Da~ It sure is *LATE* :)

So, that should be the story of my life recently I think.  As I sit here and think of what to write I also listen the the humm of my tv.

Turnover:  My boss recently left.  In February he was offered a new opportunity.  He took it!!!!  We were pretty much all shocked to say the least.  We miss him a lot and it is good to know that even after all that we have been through he and I will still remain friends.  He was already planning his wifes birthday party (which is in like 4 days) and then there is his sons going away party before he leaves for Basic for National Guards.  Can’t wait!

My uncle and aunt from Oregon are coming home to visit soon.  Then we are also going to have a burial for my uncle that passed away in October 2010.  It is also NDSCS graduation that weekend and my mom and step-dad wedding anniversary all rolled into 1 weekend.  Oy Vay!

On the job front:  Looking, I may, hopefully have a new job with a corporation in Grand Forks!  Never thought that I would be a corporate person but it sure would be an awesome opportunity!  I of course would need to find an apartment up in Grand Forks…and from the looks of it (trust me I have searched for years for the opportunity to move back there!) the downtown revitilization has done a wonderful job and now there are places for the young professionals there now!  In downtown…the area that when I was growing up we were never allowed to enter by ourselves that is…and now it is the area that has to been under going the re-shaping so that people feel more at home.  It is a very nice area now.  As we have made various random trips up there I have always felt comfortable there and now I find out that there are new rentals opening up there!  🙂

Well, Take Care!  I am off!!!

Love and Laughter!!!!!!!